Should Your Feet Touch The Ground On A Bicycle? (Solved!)

Bikes are amazingly self-stabilizing when you’re moving, but that changes when you come to a stop. It’s important to feel confident and stable when you put a foot down for balance, yet depending on your bike’s design and seat adjustment, it might still feel wobbly. Does that mean something’s amiss, or should your feet even … Read more

Do Folding Bikes Have Gears?

Folding bikes don’t sacrifice much in order to pack down so tiny. Besides the obvious—small wheels—they’re essentially as capable and full-featured as a standard bike. And that certainly applies to the drivetrain, too. Here’s Whether Folding Bikes Have Gears Most folding bikes have 3-9 gears, although some have up to 27. Single-speed folding bikes are … Read more

Are Cycling Shorts Necessary?

The right apparel can mean the difference between hours of enjoyable cycling versus sheer pain. And you’ve probably noticed that most cyclists (at least more “serious”-looking road cyclists) are usually decked out in cycling shorts. But are they really so critical? Cycling shorts are not necessary, but most road, cyclocross, XC MTB, and long-distance riders … Read more

Is Skateboarding Harder Than Biking? (I’ve Done Both!)

Skateboarding and bicycling are basically opposites in several ways. Bikes are efficient and capable, but big and complex. Skateboards are compact and cheap, but slow and a bit unsteady. In fact, they’re so different that “harder” totally depends on what you want to use them for. As a lifelong cyclist who has also dabbled in … Read more

Single-Speed Vs. Geared Bikes (Complete Beginner’s Guide!)

More than any other innovation, gearing transformed bicycles into the useful, versatile machines we know today. Even so, many riders—including yours truly—like to ride with a single gear, at least part of the time. Single speed vs. gears, in brief Single-speed bikes require less maintenance than geared bikes, especially in harsh conditions. They also cost … Read more

Are Folding Bikes Any Good? (Simple Answers!)

Folding bikes are good for almost any non-competitive riding on reasonably smooth ground. And they’re perfect if your trip involves transit or cramped storage. However, small wheels mean a slightly harsher ride, After owning and riding one daily, I’d say they’re more versatile than most people realize! But are they ideal for every situation and … Read more