How To Bike Commute In The Rain (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

If the rain makes you second-guess the wisdom of biking to work, you’re not alone. Right after traffic and hills, it’s the most common reason I hear for choosing other transportation. But, having commuted on way more drizzly Seattle days than I can count, here’s a little “inside secret”… It’s not actually a big deal! … Read more

Derailleur Vs. Hub Gears: What’s Best For Your City Bike?

The derailleur is a beautifully simple device. These days, even budget ones are more reliable and precise than anything professional riders could get just a few decades ago. However, they’re not perfect. While derailleurs are affordable, and easy to service, they’re also a bit finicky and vulnerable to impact. Internally-geared hubs (IGHs) present the opposite … Read more

What’s The Easiest Type Of Bike To Ride? (Plus Foolproof Buying Tips)

With every new model year, a barrage of technology and marketing jargon promises a smoother, easier ride. But in reality, the easiest bike to ride isn’t so elusive or high-tech. In fact, you might already be familiar with the styles that practically guarantee an easy and altogether enjoyable ride. This is the easiest bike for … Read more

Here’s Why Electric Scooters Are (Probably) The Future

Electric scooters are growing in popularity worldwide, and may be the future of personal transportation

The electric scooter boom began in 2017-2018 and has continued ever since. Whether you enjoy them, despise them, or don’t particularly care, it all leads to one question: Are electric scooters the future? Current trends suggest electric scooters are the future of personal, urban transportation—or at least a big part of the future. Sales and … Read more

Are Fixie Bikes Hard To Ride?

Fixed-gear bikes (“fixies”) are incredibly polarizing. To some, they’re cycling in its purist form. To others, they’re silly hipster masochism. But when the rubber meets the road, how difficult are they? And what’s the point? Here’s whether fixie bikes are hard to ride They’re hard to ride, especially if you’re used to bikes that can … Read more

Why Do Cyclists Have The Seat So High? (Hint: It Might Be An Illusion)

A bicycle seat (or “saddle”) often looks like it’s perched curiously high up. As odd as it might look, that actually serves a practical purpose. But it’s also the result of an optical illusion, at least with common, modern frame designs. Here’s why cyclists keep their seats so high A high seat helps you ride … Read more