Are Cycling Shorts Necessary?

The right apparel can mean the difference between hours of enjoyable cycling versus sheer pain. And you’ve probably noticed that most cyclists (at least more “serious”-looking road cyclists) are usually decked out in cycling shorts. But are they really so critical? Cycling shorts are not necessary, but most road, cyclocross, XC MTB, and long-distance riders … Read more

Biking Jeans For Men: What To Wear In 2021

Nothing’s more fun that thick, constricting, water-logged denim chafing your thighs as you ride, am I right? Kidding aside, the average pair of jeans is kinda sorta usable for cycling…just like a garbage bag is kinda sorta usable for rainwear. Far from ideal, in others words. But it’s OK. You’re not relegated to wearing bike … Read more