Are Electric Scooters Really So Dangerous? (It’s Not That Simple)

As electric scooter use exploded in 2018-2019, so did the number of injuries. Was that merely because more people rode them in the first place? Or, perhaps, are they disproportionately dangerous compared to bikes or even cars? Let’s see what we can reveal through some recent research and extensive personal riding experience. Electric scooters are … Read more

When & Why To Buy Your Own Electric Scooter

If you’ve found shared scooters useful or simply fun, then you might have contemplated buying your own. There have never been more excellent choices on the market. From ultra-compact to huge and high-speed, there’s a model for every rider and scenario. If you’re sold on an electric scooter but unsure whether to purchase one, then … Read more

How To Be Safe On An Electric Scooter: 7 Easy Tips To Get Home In One Piece

There have been far too many electric scooter horror stories in the news. From trivial tumbles to terrifying (even fatal) crashes, it seems like riders are continually going down for one reason or another. An alarmingly high number of crashes are for first-time riders, too. That suggests that riding an electric scooter safely really isn’t … Read more

Are Electric Scooters Good For Commuting?

Electric scooters are good personal vehicles for city, commuting, and recreational use

Electric scooters are hard to miss these days.. They continue to pop up almost overnight in major cities, and the personal scooter market is absolutely booming as well. Consequently, they’re a lot of commuters’ minds…and perhaps yours. But in practice, how well do they work for commuting, errands, and other practical uses? Here’s whether electric … Read more