Here’s Why Your Bike Feels Slow (And What To Do About It)

A slow-feeling bike is endlessly frustrating. You might perceive it as a “mushy” pedaling feel, or your usual gear feeling wrong, or like battling a headwind that isn’t there. Whatever the case, it’ll drive you nuts. The fix is usually simple enough…but only if you know where to look! The reason your bike feels slow … Read more

6 Of The Best Electric Scooters For Commuting (& How To Choose)

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Why Commuter Bikes Rarely Have Suspension (Explained For Beginners)

People commute on many different types of bicycles; some have suspension, but the vast majority do not. Most commutes are on paved routes, which are smoother enough that suspension doesn’t help enough to justify the extra weight and cost. However, you can get some benefits of suspension with proper tire, saddle, and grip choice. Suspension … Read more

Are Dahon Folding Bikes Good? (What You Should Know)

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Pannier, Basket, Or Backpack: What’s Best For Your Bike Commute?

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