Bicycle Infrastructure Best Practices: Where Does Your City Stand?

Bicycles have the speed of (slow) cars but the vulnerability of pedestrians, so these three don’t mix well in the city. Some places address this with physical infrastructure that keeps everyone separate and—especially for cars—enforces prudence and awareness. Other places don’t. For example, most of the US has little more than painted bike lanes and … Read more

Why Do The Dutch Ride Bicycles? (Intro To Dutch Cycling Culture)

Cycling is far more than a weekend-warrior activity in the Netherlands. It’s a deeply ingrained part of life. But why is that the case? Has it always been so? And what can other places learn from Dutch attitudes and actions around cycling? Here’s why the Dutch ride bikes The Dutch ride bicycles because they’re practical … Read more

E-Bikes Are Good Exercise After All (What The Surprising Research Says)

Adding a motor usually isn’t a recipe for fitness. Several well-designed studies agree that electric bikes are good cardiovascular exercise. They require less exertion than standard bikes do, but still enough to be healthful. Over time, e-bike riders are more active on average. Remember, you can always reduce the motor’s assistance if you want to … Read more

Is Bike Commuting Worth It?

For all the benefits of bike commuting, it has some notable disadvantages. And it’s certainly not the typical way of life here in North America–or, really, most other places. So, if you’re contemplating taking up a two-wheeled commute, it’s perfectly reasonable to question whether it’s worth it. And that’s exactly the question we’re going to … Read more

Busting 6 Bike Commuting Myths (Don’t Let These Stop You!)

Bike commuting is generally getting more popular, but it’s still a little uncommon in most cities, so myths abound. Some of these myths are trivial, but others turn into obstacles that might deter you from a fun, healthful, and rewarding commute…all unnecessarily! We’re going to look at some of the most common bike commuting myths, … Read more

6 Super-Practical Benefits Of Cycling

It’s easy to wax poetic about the virtues of cycling. Not necessarily climbing mountain passes or “sending it” over huge gap jumps, but just getting around town under your own power. But let’s get really practical for a moment. We all deal with an array of small but annoying problems. You know, the everyday things … Read more