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Erik is the cyclist behind Two Wheels Better. He’s in charge of all content and editing.

I’m a lifelong cyclist, bike commuter, and fan of all things two-wheeled.

And nothing would make me happier than seeing the world living freely and sustainably on two wheels.

I can’t make that happen, but perhaps I can make the path a little easier. That starts with sharing what I’ve learned by solving my own problems on the path from weekend warrior to utilitarian cyclist.

And that’s why Two Wheels Better exists.

How it all began

This cycling obsession started as the usual childhood fun…

Evolved into freedom around the neighborhood…

Became a bit more extreme…

Helped me explore the world…

And, these days, gets me around town.

In short, if it involves bikes and scooters, I’ve done it!

That’s all good, but it also created an enormous blind spot.

Let me explain…

The information I didn’t have

North American cycling culture is heavily sport-oriented.

Want to race down mountains, crank out centuries, enter a triathlon? You’re set. Most bike shops have all the expertise and equipment you could possibly need to get started. And you’ll have no problem finding local enthusiasts (of all levels) to share rides and knowledge with.

But what about hauling groceries on a rainy day on your way home from work? Picking up the kids? Arriving at the office not too sweaty?

That’s another story. The answers are elusive in corporate bike media or even most of the cycling blogosphere.

So, when life drew me into the bike commuting/transportation/practical cycling side of things, I greatly underestimated the challenges I’d face.

Sure, all my sport cycling experience had given me great bike handling skills and solid fitness, but all those challenges never came up. Ripping up singletrack is as similar to just getting around as Formula 1 racing is to picking up the kids from soccer practice.

So, trial and error ensued. I spent money. I dove into slightly more obscure corners of the internet. I spent more money.

And the pieces started coming together.

Eventually, I figured out bike-friendly clothes that look normal. I discovered how many problems just slowing down can solved. I turned bike commuting from a finicky ordeal into a simple and freeing part of life.

And Two Wheels Better is where I share it all.

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