Think Twice About Buying A Bike On Amazon (& Where Else To Look)

The inventory of most local bike shops pales in comparison to what you see on Amazon. Every common style, from a gazillion brands, often with free shipping to boot. That’s awfully nice, especially amid a worldwide bike shortage that should linger at least through 2022. But convenience doesn’t mean quality, and ease of purchase doesn’t … Read more

Why Won’t My Bicycle Shift Gears? (Common Issues Explained!)

Whoever said “it’s as easy as riding a bike” clearly never dealt with one that just wouldn’t shift. It’s extremely frustrating, but fortunately, it’s usually simple to fix. We’ll take a quick look at how shifting should work, then at what might be getting in the way. Here’s why your bicycle won’t shift gears Usually, … Read more

How To Turn Your Road Bike Into A Commuter (Complete Guide)

It’s certainly possible to commute on a road bike. It may be ideal for a very long commute (e.g., 10-15 miles or more). After all, road bikes are great for fast riding and/or long distance, where efficiency trumps all. But they achieve that efficiency through aggressive geometry and a stripped-down build, which costs a lot … Read more

Every Type Of Bike Shifter (Explained For Beginners)

On a bicycle, shifting gears is simply a matter of retracting or releasing derailleur cables. But you might be surprised how many ways there are to accomplish that simple task! Today, the most common types of shifters are: Trigger Twist/grip Integrated brake-shifter levers (a.k.a. “brifters”) Bar-end, downtube, stem, and thumb levers The first three only … Read more

How To Bike Commute In The Rain (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

If the rain makes you second-guess the wisdom of biking to work, you’re not alone. Right after traffic and hills, it’s the most common reason I hear for choosing other transportation. But, having commuted on way more drizzly Seattle days than I can count, here’s a little “inside secret”… It’s not actually a big deal! … Read more

Derailleur Vs. Hub Gears: What’s Best For Your City Bike?

The derailleur is a beautifully simple device. These days, even budget ones are more reliable and precise than anything professional riders could get just a few decades ago. However, they’re not perfect. While derailleurs are affordable, and easy to service, they’re also a bit finicky and vulnerable to impact. Internally-geared hubs (IGHs) present the opposite … Read more