Why Won’t My Bicycle Shift Gears? (Common Issues Explained!)

Whoever said “it’s as easy as riding a bike” clearly never dealt with one that just wouldn’t shift. It’s extremely frustrating, but fortunately, it’s usually simple to fix. We’ll take a quick look at how shifting should work, then at what might be getting in the way. Here’s why your bicycle won’t shift gears Usually, … Read more

Derailleur Vs. Hub Gears: What’s Best For Your City Bike?

The derailleur is a beautifully simple device. These days, even budget ones are more reliable and precise than anything professional riders could get just a few decades ago. However, they’re not perfect. While derailleurs are affordable, and easy to service, they’re also a bit finicky and vulnerable to impact. Internally-geared hubs (IGHs) present the opposite … Read more

Pannier, Basket, Or Backpack: What’s Best For Your Bike Commute?

Every new bike commuter has to figure out the same question: what’s the easiest way to safely haul my things to work? The right set-up makes this a breeze. Carrying your daily essentials becomes a quick, set-and-forget task that doesn’t take a second thought. Your bike, equipment, and route make a difference, of course. But … Read more

Your Bike Probably Needs Fenders (But Here’s How To Know)

As a new cyclist, fenders puzzled me. Some bikes include them. Some bikes don’t. And most bike shops have half a wall covered in aftermarket fenders. What gives? They’re so useful that shops stocks dozens…yet they’re not always installed off the rack? With experience, I found that it depends not just on the type of … Read more

Swept-Back, Drop & Flat Handlebars for Commuting: What’s Best?

The choice of handlebars defines your riding experience more than any other single component. From leisurely cruiser bars to aero racing bars, there’s an incredible range, but they all broadly fall into three categories. Swept-back, drop, and flat bars are all used for multiple purposes. But for practical scenarios—like commuting—what are you going to happiest … Read more

Are Disc Brakes Better On Bikes? (Maybe Less Than You’d Think)

These days, disc brakes are almost universal on mountain bikes, and quite common even on the lightest-weight road bikes. They’re gone from a bit of a luxury to a fairly standard part. But when anything gets that popular, it’s hard to tell fads from actual improvements. Here’s whether disc brakes are actually better on bikes? … Read more