Brooklyn Franklin Long-Term Review: The Best Classic City Bike On A Budget

Fully-equipped city bikes are fantastic tools for daily life. But they cost a pretty penny. Some of you are working with a tight budget, others are still feeling out this whole practical cycling thing, and others (including me) just don’t need all the bells and whistles. Fortunately, there are there some excellent and highly affordable … Read more

Brompton Long-Term Review: A Refined Folding Bike, But Is It Worth It?

If you’re in the market for a folding bike, you’ve probably heard ample about the Brompton. It’s the most iconic folding bike on the market, and doesn’t need much of an introduction. For context, I’ve ridden one daily for the better part of a year, in all conditions, both with and without luggage. This has … Read more

Swifty Zero Review: Is This Super-Capable Scooter Worth The Price?

New Swifty Zero scooter after assembly

Unlike their kid-sized siblings, adult kick scooters are amazingly useful around town. Not to mention they’re just plain fun. You’ve got the convenience of walking plus a bit of the swooping-and-gliding sensation of cruising on a bike. Well…that’s true for a while. Things change for the worse when you encounter gravel or potholes or bumps … Read more

Razor A5 Lux Hands-On Review: A Great Value Adult Kick Scooter (But I Sold Mine Anyway)

Day to day, nothing’s better than having a blast while you quickly and conveniently get around town. Driving? LOL. Walking is free and usually pleasant, if not the speediest. Cycling is fun, very quick, still affordable, but totally overkill for trips of just a mile or two. Enter the kick scooter. Not the kind you … Read more