Mini Velos: A Big Guide To Small-Wheeled Bikes (2021 Update)

If you’ve spent much time in large cities, especially in Asia, you’ve probably noticed adults riding surprisingly small-wheeled bikes. Some have the conspicuous hinges of folding bikes. But, with a keen eye, you’ll notice that others lack those hinges. Those bicycles are called mini velos, and they can be incredibly convenient for certain situations. Let’s … Read more

Your Bike Probably Needs Fenders (But Here’s How To Know)

As a new cyclist, fenders puzzled me. Some bikes include them. Some bikes don’t. And most bike shops have half a wall covered in aftermarket fenders. What gives? They’re so useful that shops stocks dozens…yet they’re not always installed off the rack? With experience, I found that it depends not just on the type of … Read more

Folding Bikes: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Folding bikes fit a ton of utility into amazingly little space. That’s mostly thanks to ingenious design, but it also requires some compromises. After owning one long-term, testing several more, and researching extensively, I’ve found a few things worth sharing. And that’s exactly this guide is going to do. If you want to know what … Read more

Is Bike Commuting Worth It?

For all the benefits of bike commuting, it has some notable disadvantages. And it’s certainly not the typical way of life here in North America–or, really, most other places. So, if you’re contemplating taking up a two-wheeled commute, it’s perfectly reasonable to question whether it’s worth it. And that’s exactly the question we’re going to … Read more

Biking Jeans For Men: What To Wear In 2021

Nothing’s more fun that thick, constricting, water-logged denim chafing your thighs as you ride, am I right? Kidding aside, the average pair of jeans is kinda sorta usable for cycling…just like a garbage bag is kinda sorta usable for rainwear. Far from ideal, in others words. But it’s OK. You’re not relegated to wearing tights … Read more

Swept-Back, Drop & Flat Handlebars for Commuting: What’s Best?

The choice of handlebars defines your riding experience more than any other single component. From leisurely cruiser bars to aero racing bars, there’s an incredible range, but they all broadly fall into three categories. Swept-back, drop, and flat bars are all used for multiple purposes. But for practical scenarios—like commuting—what are you going to happiest … Read more